The Fabulists
Lilliput Edition

The Fabulists, my first novel, was originated by The Lilliput Press, Dublin, in October, 1994.

It won the inaugural Kerry Ingredients Novel of the Year, (now the Kerry Group Irish Fiction Award), as part of Listowel Writers’ Festival, 1995.

for Christine Clear

The Fabulists is available in chapter installments which you may freely read and copy under its Creative Commons licence. (SEE LICENCE BELOW) There are fifteen chapters.

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The posting of The Fabulists on the web under a Creative Commons licence has been made possible by the generous and enlightened support of its publisher Antony Farrell of The Lilliput Press, and also of my agent, Lisa Eveleigh.
My thanks to them both.

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Biographical note in the 1994 edition

The Fabulists

Philip Casey was born to Irish parents in London in 1950 and raised in Co. Wexford. He lived in Barcelona from 1974 to 1977 and has travelled widely in Israel and Europe. His publications include The Year of the Knife, Poems 1980-1990 (1991); his play, Cardinal, was performed in Hamburg in 1990.
A member of Aosdána, he lives in Dublin on the north bank of the Liffey.

For a more up to date biographical note, please check here.

I hope you enjoy the work.


I’m unashamedly exploiting your imagination. Imagine me a new practice of book, readers. Take this novel and pass it from inbox to inbox, through your IM clients, over P2P networks. Put it on webservers. Convert it to weird, obscure ebook formats. Show me – and my colleagues, and my publisher – what the future of book looks like.
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