The Fabulists
Lilliput Edition

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Copyright © 1994 Philip Casey
First published in 1994 by
4 Rosemount Terrace, Arbour Hill,
Dublin 7, Ireland.
Reprinted 1995
A CIP record for this title is available from The British Library.

ISBN 1 874675 30 9
Acknowledgments are due to the Arts Council (An Chomhairle
Ealaíon) for a travel grant to Germany, and to The Tyrone
Guthrie Centre at Annamakerrig where some of this novel was
written. With special thanks to Karina, Christine, Ulrike, Brí­d,
Peter, Mick, David, Paddy, Eileen, Shane, Sean, Kevin, Eileen,
John, Ann, Pat, Arthur, and Grainne.

The Lilliput Press receives financial assistance from An Chomairle Ealaíon/The Arts Council of Ireland
Cover design by Ed Miliano Set in 10.5 on 13 Calliard by
mermaid turbulence
Printed in Dublin by βetaprint